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Multi-function e-Severs for Network, CTI, ...
EC-1010 series Dual processor 1U Server for CPU Board, with LCD display & 2 IDE/SCSI HDD Bays
EC-1012 series Dual processor 1U Server for Main Board, with LCD display & 2 IDE/SCSI HDD Bays
EC-1020 series
Dual processor 2U Server for CPU Board, with LCD display & 4 IDE/SCSI HDD Bays
EC-1040 4U Server for
EC-1015/1016 1U Server Chassis for CPU Card/Mother Board with 2 IDE/SCSI HDD Bays
Rack-2300w 1U Server Chassis for Full Size CPU Card with 1 x 5.25 & 2 x 3.5 Drive Space
Rack-2320 1U Server Chassis for Embedded Applications
Rack-2330 1U Server Chassis with LCD Module for Networking Applications
2U Server Chassis
Rack-220a 2U Server Chassis
Rack-3000 series Enhanced 4U Server Chassis
Rack-8000 4U Super Server Chassis with 4 SCSI Drive Bays & triple Power Supply Capability