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Product Description:
Socket-370 base CPU Card with VGA, Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet, Audio & Ultra160 SCSI
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  • Supports Intel Socket 370 base CPU from CeleronTM to Pentium III

  • High speed Ultra3 SCSI on board (160MB/Sec.) with dual channel connectors

  • Dual Intel 82559 10/100Mbps Ethernet chips on board

  • Built-in VGA function with share memory architecture

  • Designed with Intel 810E chipset; support 133MHz FSB and Ultra DMA66 IDE interface

  • Designed with one CompactFlashTM socket as the flash disk solution

  • Designed with mounting hole around the PCB and ATX power connector for stand alone operating without backplane

  • Software programmable Watchdog timer

  • CPU : Socket 370 base support CeleronTM / Pentium III up to 133MHz

  • System Memory : Two 168-pin DIMM sockets up to 512MB SDRAM

  • System Chipset : Intel 810E

  • BIOS : Award PnP Flash BIOS

  • PCI-ISA Bridge : ITE IT8888

  • Video Controller : Integrated in 810E chipset with share memory architecture

  • Super I/O :
    --> Integrated hardware monitoring
    --> 2 x serial ports ( 16550 compatible UART )
    --> 1 x parallel port ( support SPP / EPP / ECP )
    --> IrDA port

  • USB Ports : Two ports by pin-header, meets USB ver.1 standard

  • Ethernet : Dual Intel 82559 10/100Mbps Ethernet chips with two RJ-45 connectors, support AOL & WOL Function

  • SCSI : 
    --> Chip : SYMBIOS 53C1010 Ultra3 SCSI chip
    --> Transfer Rate : 160MB/Sec.
    --> Connectors : Two 68-pin connectors

  • IDE : Dual Ultra DMA66 interface with two 40-pin pin-header

  • FDD : One port

  • Audio : Integrated in system chipset, meeting AC'97 specification

  • Software programmable Watchdog timer

  • SSD : One CompactFlashTM socket

  • Supports ATX power control function

  • Power Consumption : 5A@+5V,      200mA@+12V,      50mA@-12V 
                                       ( Pentium
    III 500MHz and 128MB SDRAM )

  • Operating temperature : 0o ~ 60oC ( CPU needs cooler )

  • Relative humidity : 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing

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PICMG bus Socket-370 base CPU card with VGA, dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet, Audio & Ultra3 SCSI


PICMG bus Socket-370 base CPU card with VGA, dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Audio


PICMG bus Socket-370 base CPU card with VGA & Audio
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